Change up your plate, instead of your portions


Hydrating for short runs and interval runs:
Running specific water bottles: Holding a water bottle can be annoying as hell when it’s slipping out of your hand because it’s sweating more than you are, so you essentially spend your run playing some sick version of hot potato with your bottle instead of having a good run. But water bottles like these and these are made specifically for runs and they keep the water cold and the bottle doesn’t sweat, which is perfect for shorter runs.
Fuel belts: If you don’t like holding anything while you run, you can get fuel belts, which have mini bottles attached on them. I personally don’t like these because I feel like they are restrictive on my waist, but to each her own, some girls are dtf (down to fuelbelt).
Track workouts: If you don’t like holding anything but still feel like you need hydration on an interval workout, do the interval workout on a track. You can keep the water on the side and get drinks when you need, but you don’t have to worry about holding it. Wow what a world we live in! What a time to be alive!
Hydrating for long distance runs:
Wanna be really edgy and unpredictable. Shock your friends and stay cool with these alternatives. Running long distance and getting dehydrated is way to easy, so having access to water especially in the summer is super important. Doing all this as well as staying hydrated when you aren’t running is necessary.
If you start getting dizzy while you are midway through your run. Don’t be a dumbass. STOP. You will pass out and you will go to the hospital and like I get that you want to have a good workout but you also shouldn’t have to pay ridiculous medical bills from the ER.
Hydrating throughout the week:
Always have a water bottle with you so it becomes routine for you to constantly be drinking water.
If you don’t like the taste of water, you’re wrong. But also, put fruit in it, it will help mask the taste.
Have green tea with your breakfast. Metabolism booster AND water? I don’t even care if you don’t think it tastes good. You’re wrong and you should drink it.
Have coconut water and other natural electrolyte drinks throughout the day.
Have lots of fruit. All the best fruits are in season in the summer and coincidentally also contain a ton of water! Pee on, my friends.
Point of this is, don’t be one of those people that gets dehydrated and passes out while running this summer. Don’t kill that runner vibe. Drink on.